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Ice Climbing in Val Gardena

Climbing Nature’s very Special Formations

Tervela, Busc da Bleja, I Droc, Busc dla Plata, Dlacion de Pilat, Goulotte Holzknecht


At temperatures under 0°C waterfalls freeze and ice is a very special, volatile climbing material.
Although it disappears at the end of the winter, the memories of the breathtaking climbing with ice axes and crampons remain.



First Steps on Ice

Even though ice formations may appear smooth and hard to climb, the basics of ice climbing can be learned relatively quick.
For a whole day our mountain guide will introduce you into the secrets of this fascinating material.

€ 180 per person (2 participants) – € 330 (1 participant)
Ice climbing courses are also offered by the hour.


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Experts on Ice

Vallunga is considered one of the most famous ice climbing destinations in Europe.
In this idyllic valley climbing is done both on shady gullies as well as on sunny ice formations.
Also in the Saslonch Group spectacular ice formations arise midst a wild ambience – to climb them is a true adventure.

Price on request, depending on the ascent



Ice Climbing Course (2 days)

In two days you will learn the basic techniques of ice climbing on falls

1st day: introduction – basic progression
2nd day: safety on ice – climbing on the fall

Period: To be agreed
Participants: 2–3
Price: 330 € / person
Included: Alpine guide, transfers, rental of the missing technical equipment