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Ice Climbing in Val Gardena

Climbing Nature’s very Special Formations

Tervela, Busc da Bleja, I Droc, Busc dla Plata, Dlacion de Pilat, Goulotte Holzknecht


At temperatures under 0°C waterfalls freeze and ice is a very special, volatile climbing material.
Although it disappears at the end of the winter, the memories of the breathtaking climbing with ice axes and crampons remain.



Even though ice formations may appear smooth and hard to climb, the basics of ice climbing can be learned relatively quick.
For a whole day our mountain guide will introduce you into the secrets of this fascinating material.

€ 195 per person (2 participants)
€ 360 per person (1 participant)

Numerous fascinating ice lines form every winter in the Dolomites - sometimes clearly visible on imposing rock faces and sometimes hidden in picturesque gullies or valleys.
What all frozen waterfalls have in common is their captivating beauty, which invites you to climb them with an ice axe and crampons.
Whether you are trying an icefall for the first time or are already an experienced ice climber - together we will find the perfect climb for you.

Suggested tours: Buj dla Bleje, Bullaccia, Tunnel, Comici, Solo per Pochi, Spada di Damocle, Lujanta

From € 360 per person

Val Gardena is a true eldorado when it comes to difficult ice climbs. The Vallunga is one of the most famous ice climbing destinations in Europe.
In this idyllic valley, you can climb both in shady gullies and on sun-exposed ice candles.
The Sassolungo Group also offers some spectacular ice formations in a wild setting - climbing them is a complete mountain experience.
Our mountain guides know the conditions in the valley and will accompany you on your chosen climb.

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Price on request

Discover the fascination of ice climbing in the breathtaking Dolomites! Our three-day ice climbing course offers an introduction to the world of frozen waterfalls.
We will learn climbing and belay techniques.

Day 1: Introduction to the ice climbing
Day 2: Climbing and belaying techniques
Day 3: Ice climbing

The program is adapted to your personal needs. We are also happy to offer additional course days.
Participants: 1-3 participants

Price on request